The Muse, Linda Nicole

“Nearly 15 but still takes time to pose for her old granddad.”

Our granddaughter, Linda Nicole, has over the years been the model for eight paintings. She is a lovely girl, inside and out, and a natural model. Here, you can see her in a collage of seven works which appear at different places on this site. I think she was about 3 when I first painted her in the window of a mud hut; she is now nearly 15 but still takes time to pose for her old granddad.

Linda Nicole, now 20, having just emerged from the pool to pose underneath a sprig of frangipani, or as they are known in the Islands, plumeria. The flowers came from a separate photo.

I don’t think it is possible to take a bad photograph of Linda, but some turn out more dramatic than others. I recently shot one of her squinting into the sun. Get more information about . I based this painting on that photograph, adding only the top of a wooden fence in the foreground. Pretty dramatic, no?