Sydney Blake

“Sydney Blake….seems at total peace with herself and the world.”

I went with Johnny’s and Lucy’s two older girls down to the beach shortly after sunrise one morning and took a pile of photos. This painting is based on one of them and shows Sydney Blake sitting on the edge of the water, attempting to build a sand castle before the next wave comes in. She can do this for hours, and seems at total peace with herself and the world. Although the composition is very simple, I have received many, many calls and notes on this painting. Everyone seems to like it; Esther and I do, too.

Here is Sydney, at 7, caught in the morning sun at our kitchen door. The shadow of one of the pieces of decorative iron in the screen door make it appear, perhaps, that her halo has slipped, just a little.

“Based on three separate photos and some imagination.”

Above, Sydney Blake, at 3 years of age, taking an early morning OJ hit beneath a mango tree just as a curious, winged visitor arrives on the scene. This is a small painting, about 9 x 12 inches, but everything in it is about life size. It was based on three separate photos and some imagination.