San Felipe

El Portero de Calle 11 Este

This is based on photo of the building on the corner sporting a new stop sign and some older graffiti and missing louvers. I added the small smiling boy and his soccer ball. He lends some cheerfulness to an otherwise rather somber setting.

Girl from San Felipe

In search of a cup of sugar for her mom, a young resident of San Felipe appears at the window.


Carne en Palito

A father and son work at the family business –cooking and selling spicy meat-on-a-stick in the colonial section of Panama City.

Lava Auto, S.A.

A young entrepreneur stands ready to wash cars in the early-morning sun of Panama City.

San Felipe Girl

La Pension

This painting is the revised version of the one that first featured on the site. We’ve kept the original version so that you can compare them.

If you use your magnifier on the overall painting, you will note that I have added a fair amount of detail to the rotting wooden wall and have better defined the shadow of the conduit for the electrical cables which, unrepaired, hangs away from the building. Also have added a fading for-sale notice painted onto the wall itself (showing, by the way, daughter-in-law Lucy’s cell number at ( as well as the remnants of a handbill or poster which, once-upon-a-time, advertised something or someone, on the red stone wall at the bottom. I did nothing new to the mysterious (to me, anyway) girl in the window. More Details