Other Art & Media

This illustration was done for ExpoFlora Segunda, an international plant show which Esther’s garden club, Pétalos, arranged for the Federación de Clubes de Jardineria de Panamá. The show was a huge success with over 40 judges travelling here from the US. Hundreds of people of all ages and from all walks of life visited the show during its four-day run in August.

Shortly after Esther and I moved to Coronado, the residents’ association asked me to give them a design for a logo which they could use on their vehicle, publications, etc. I gave them several designs, and this is the one they chose. My designs were done in acryllics and ink.


sandollar in display frame and case for protection and durability of the piece. This photo shows the sandollar with the wood frame the owner selected.


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“I was asked to do an illustration…. for the poster announcing the event.”